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As a young child, I have a vivid memory of my 6-year-old self, sitting on the floor drawing Disney characters while my mother cooked in our kitchen. I was obsessed with Mickey Mouse, Donald Duck and the gang.




By the time I was a teenager, I knew I wanted to do something with art. My parents and teachers both recognized my creativity and encouraged me. I was always making something, drawing or painting.  I learned how to sew and loved making my own custom clothing, repurposing my mother’s old clothes or cutting up old jeans into something fun and different. I spent my weekly  allowance at the crafts and fabric supply store. My high school years I spent in a graphic design studio.

Moving to Cape Cod in 2014 led me to explore different career options but my heart was always set on being an artist.

My foray into jewelry making ironically began with the Christmas wish of a 6-year-old girl for art supplies, when I participated in a holiday giving program for children in need. She reminded me how much I missed designing and as I looked at all the art supplies I was inspired to start making jewelry myself!


Del La Mer was born. 


The name means “by the sea” in French. It seemed so appropriate to call my business after this ocean region which rekindled my creative spirit

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